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Towing a trailer that weighs twice as much as the tow vehicle requires proper equipment to do it safely. You are already at a disadvantage because the brakes on the trailer are electric drum brakes rather than disc brakes. In addition to brakes on the trailer and tow vehicle you need a properly sized & equipped truck, and the proper hitch-work.

I recently met someone as concerned about trailer towing safety as I am. He was not only concerned about it, he actually did something about it. His name is Joe Jamieson. Joe is a Federal Aviation Agency certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, a former Air Force Pilot, a Federal Aviation Agency certified Air Transport Pilot and an Inventor and Industrialist, who focuses his efforts on enhancing the safety of transportation systems. From designing and manufacturing autopilot control systems for jet- powered helicopters, his inventions are aimed at keeping people safer when operating aircraft, vehicles and equipment.

Fortunately for RV owners his latest brainchild is the Automated Safety Hitch™ System for trailers.

Download the whole article – Automated Safety Hitch System

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